• Multisoft PS-9001 Excellent non‐ionic softener in paste form
  • Multisoft PS-9009 Economical non‐ionic softener with good panetration in paste form
  • Multisoft PS-9020 An Excellent cationic softener for fabric & garments.
  • Multisoft PS-9021 An economical cationic softener for fabric & garments.
  • Multisoft PS-9022 Specially developed, modified cationic softener with lowfoam, non‐ yellowing tendency, suitable for whites & pastel shades.
  • Multiwax EM-800 Polyethylene wax emulsion softener with lubricant property and and soft waxy finish
  • Multiwax EM-820 Paraffin wax emulsion softener, to impart lubricancy & shine to Cotton fabric.
  • Multiemulsion M-10 A modified silicone softener with special additives that produce high surface smoothness and a wet feel.
  • Multiemulsion M-20 A Concentrated silicone softener in liquid form to impart greater inner softness to all type of substrates.


  • BBU-300 Optical brightener excellent Whiteness for cotton fabrics